Shattered Dreams

Today marks Cailean’s twenty-first birthday. It is such a sad day for us. Cailean had such high aspirations for himself; although our hopes mirrored his, we truly only wanted him to be happy.

I had no idea what change a little boy would bring into our lives. As Cailean grew into his toddler years, I remember remarking how happy I was that we had a boy to join Brittany and Mariel. His spirit was unique. He introduced us into the worlds of Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Turtles, Aliens, Star Wars etc. Then came
t-ball, soccer, Little League, basketball, tennis, and even the sport of golf ball hunting at the Highlands Country Club. Later his interest in music opened our world to Jimi Hendrix, Dave Matthews, and Coldplay, while at the same time he gained an appreciation of some of our favorite musicians. This interest of course crossed over to his own guitar playing when he enjoyed the blues, gypsy, rock and contemporary music.

Cailean had many, many, wonderful times, but he really deserved a full lifetime of them.

Happy Birthday, Cailean – you live on in our hearts and our thoughts- constantly. Love forever and then a day- MOM

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