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We have received a number of letters which make us even prouder of our son. I thought we would share some kind words various people have written about Cailean.
The first letter is from a woman I have never met. It means a lot because it shows that Cailean was still able to be thoughtful to others even when he was in deep crisis – this event took place the beginning of this year.

Dear Mr. and Mrs Sheeran,

I had heard about the terrible tragedy that had occurred to your son. I had also heard that you lived not too far from us but I still did not recognize the family name. It wasn’t until I saw his photo in the local paper that I realized I knew this boy. My son, James (7), had spent a chunk of the summer last year at Cailean’s tennis camp. They must have gotten along pretty well but I learned this only later. James and I were down at the health club on the basketball court last winter. I spotted Cailean on the other half of the court shooting baskets with some big boys. I pointed him out to James and asked him whether he recognized the big boy. He trotted over to Cailean’s court and waited in the corner for the right moment to greet him. His stray ball happened to come James’ way a few moments later. James bounced it back to him and when Cailean recognized who had helped him, he called out my son’s name accompanied by the widest and warmest smile humanly possible. His reaction made my son ( and his mamma ) feel very good.

This is a small, and maybe silly, anecdote about how your son touched our lives, but I wanted to share it with you. Both my husband and I are very sorry to hear about your loss.


Cailean’s first guitar teacher wrote from a small town in France where he and his wife moved last year.

“……….The Cailean I knew was a keen musician who loved music in many forms, an industrious student who also managed a charming self deprecatory humor. He is remembered, here, in this isolated mountain village with great affection…… P.B. and P.M.

Young Concert Artists, Inc. recently sent us a copy of a letter that was submitted to them along with a generous donation from a man whom Cailean did not know. I know the family through Garrison School. This letter echoes several other statements that have been made concerning how well Cailean treated, not only his peers, but also those younger than him.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

“In the spring of 2004, a young man named Cailean Walker Sheeran who lived in Garrison, New York, and was a friend of my 16 year old son, died tragically and unexpectedly.

Garrison is a small community and most of the children of school age know one another pretty well. Cailean’s was the first death of a contemporary that most of them had encountered and the grief which ensued has been predictably devastating.

Although neither my wife nor I knew Cailean, we have learned from our son that he was a friendly, outgoing seventeen year old who was generous with the attention he gave to younger school mates, who could always be counted on to inject humor into any gathering and who was a very talented guitarist.

I don’t know what relationship Cailean Sheeran had with you organization but I understand that the Sheeran family has designated Young Concert Artists as a fitting recipient of memorial contributions in Cailean’s name. My wife, son, and I would like to join those who have chosen to remember Cailean in this way and hope that you will accept the enclosed check in that spirit….”


We have more and will add to these as time and emotions allow. – to be continued – Remember to remember Cailean with a smile. – Maureen