The Little Things…

Feb 27th, 2006 Posted in Free Form | No Comments »

A day hasn’t gone by when I don’t think about Cailean and yet some days are easier than others. I see his pictures throughout my house and they make me happy and don’t upset me. I come to this website and again I am happy by all the postings. They all make me feel close to him.

Its the all the little things in life that catch me off guard and make me upset because they’re unexpected. A few days ago at work I was sitting at a computer and saw a cd sitting upside down on it. Out of curiosity I picked it up to see what someone else had been listening to not expecting it to be a cd that I had lost a year ago when I started working here. I turned it over and was immediately upset by the sight of Cailean’s handwriting. It was Coldplay’s cd Parachutes that he had copied for me years ago. A person’s handwriting is such a tiny part of their everyday life and yet the sight of it felt so personal and real.