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It is hard to believe that we are facing our sixth Thanksgiving without Cailean. I wish that I could say that it’s getting easier, but that would not be true at all.We continue to mourn his loss and life continues to present many challenges each and everyday. My heart is indeed broken; trying to celebrate holidays is definitely not an easy task.

I feel fortunate that I constantly feel Cailean’s presence and spirit. He is always present in my heart, soul, and mind. His picture is in every room of our house. As I travel to work each day I pass places where Cailean spent happy times – on the way to West Point I pass a restaurant where he worked, his high school, and on post, several buildings that were very familiar to him. On the way to school, I drive by the country club where Cailean played and worked. In school I go out of my way to pass two pictures of Cailean that are hanging in the hallway – just to say hello.

This year I’m sure that Cailean would have been very grateful for two new family members. He would have warmly welcomed and loved his first niece, Tatum, and his future brother-in-law, Joe.

On Thursday I will give thanks to family and friends who continue to remember and honor our dear and kind Cailean. I’ll also give thanks for the memories of happier times.