A Heart Warming Story on a Beautiful Winter Day

Jan 16th, 2009 Posted in Free Form | Comments Off

Little did I know that stopping by a small store in Highland Falls would bring a conversation that was to warm my heart and soul. After completing my sales transaction and just as I was about to leave the store, J., the salesperson, remarked that I looked familiar to her. I commented that I lived across the river in Garrison and asked if she was from Highland Falls. She replied in the affirmative, so I offered that perhaps she might have known our children who attended the local high school in that town. J.told me that she graduated from O’Neill High School in 2003. I replied that she might have known our son who would have graduated a year behind her in 2004. J. immediately exclaimed “Cailean”! She shared that he was always on her mind, how she spoke to him everyday, and always carried his picture around with her. J. told me how much she always had liked and admired Cailean – he was so nice and kind to everyone in school.

I always try to remain stoic when I talk about Cailean, usually to no avail. I started crying and J. apologized for making me upset. I told her that it was fine and how much I loved to hear stories about Cailean; that this, indeed, was a nice moment for me. Her words brought me solace at what has been a distressing time.

How wonderful to know that Cailean’s spirit and goodness lives on in the memories of family, friends, and even a stranger whose name I did not even know up to now ! As his mother, I was so proud and comforted to again hear how his life so positively touched the lives of so many others!