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By Anderson and Weill

?Oh, it?s a long, long while from May to December
But the days grow short when you reach September
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
One hasn?t got time for the waiting game

Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few
September, November
And these few precious days I?ll spend with you
These precious days I?ll spend with you.?

SEPTEMBER ? This month was once a time of excitement and anticipation for us – shopping for school clothes and supplies, posing for the first day of school photographs before heading down to the bus stop, rushing out to pick up those few elusive supplies still needed, the official school photographs?.(I still remember Cailean posing with his arms around Brittany and Mariel in the Garrison School courtyard and a friend exclaiming ?What a very nice family!? . I so treasure the photograph that captures this moment.)

And then, in 2000, it was a tragic month as we suffered through the painful last days and the death of our father and grandfather on September 21 (The words of ?September Song? quoted above were from his favorite song played by Mantovani).

And, then just short of a year later, the horrific events of September 11, 2001. I still remember sitting with Cailean after I returned from teaching second grade that day. He related how he heard about what had happened while he was at school; we stayed up late that night watching and discussing what was being shown on television that evening. He was a very sensitive boy and, needless to say, that day greatly affected him.

I continue to measure time ? before and after May 12, 2004. Who ever would have ever surmised on September 11, 2001 the hell that Cailean would have had to endure? Just last night we were watching a wonderful documentary entitled ?Winged Migration?. It told the sacrifice and endurance of many breeds of birds that migrate each year. One short segment showed the World Trade Centers in the background of New York City; I immediately thought that Cailean was alive and truly enjoying life when that brief moment was filmed. In a metaphoric way, I also thought, hoped, and have to continue to trust, that Cailean has also moved on to a safe and peaceful place.

And life does indeed go on?Dexter will start pre-school tomorrow wearing his new brown shoes. Our hopes and wishes for a wonderful school year go with him. We all look forward to the birth of his new brother or sister come the end of January!

Thanks to all who continue to love, remember, and honor Cailean. Maureen

The Two Walkers Prevail

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It is now one moment before midnight on Cailean’s 20th birthday, and as John has hoped, Miami with Walker , as a key player has won! All the angels in heaven, with Cailean as their point guard, are celebrating!

NAMI Walk 2006

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Hi Mariel,

What a day Saturday! I just wanted to extend a huge thank you for all that you and your family have done for the Walk. I can only imagine what the day means for you and your family. We appreciate your support and hope you can find support in the Walk and in NAMI. You all are amazing, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, and let us know if we can help in any way. Hope to see you in 2007!

Thanks again and take care,

Stephany Melton
Director of Affiliate Development
National Alliance on Mental Illness of Massachusetts (NAMI-MA)
400 West Cummings Park Suite 6650
Woburn, MA 01801

Below’s a message from my father expressing our gratitude to everyone
involved in walking and supporting our team for this year’s NAMI walk.
Everyone worked very hard and it all paid off. NAMI is a wonderful
organization and they were so happy to see our team participate again.
Our team raised over $3300 and had 50 walkers. All the funds and public
awareness raised will help NAMI achieve their goals to fight the stigma
that surrounds mental illness, to build awareness of the fact that the
mental health system in this country needs to be improved and to raise
funds for NAMI so that they can continue their mission.

Cailean struggled and fought so hard. His days were not easy; getting
throught the teenage years is a hard enough task and I get overwhelmed
trying to imagine everything else he had to endure. His illness was
very isolating and often made it difficult for him to see that people
were standing by him trying to find ways to help. It was so nice to
see all of his friends and family get together this weekend. Cailean
had a great sense of humor and loved to joke around, but he was always a
very sensitive, sincere, and compassionate person. I know he would be
touched to see this year’s team. The day that I gave birth to Dexter he
told me he was proud of me and it meant so much. Even 2 years after his
death I find myself being prouder and prouder of him. I am so proud to
say that he is my brother and that his life, and now death have impacted
so many people.

Thank you for all of your support.



Thanksgiving, 2005

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It has been many months since I have written on this site; however, I probably visit it almost daily. Cailean continues to be the first and last thought of each day as well as most moments in between. And that is the way it should be. The hardest moments are those I experience when I have the occasional dream in which Cailean is alive and well and laughing and giving joy to all. And then reality hits and I have to get through another day with just his memory. There are so many reminders, sentimental, some even silly, but all heart wrenching, of how he enriched our lives. The numbness is somehow wearing off, the finality is setting in, we are trying to be stoic?.

That leads me to what I would like to write about today. November is the month in which we give thanks; I would like to use this opportunity to express gratitude to family, friends, and even a few strangers, whose kindnesses have helped us over the past few months:
? to those who sent cards, flowers, telephone messages, and heartwarming wishes on May 12th, our saddest of anniversaries
? to those who joined us on the NAMI Walk up in Boston on May 14th. We had been overwhelmed by the wonderful response to the Sharing Sheeran CD and the Heart and Show Talent and really did not publicize this benefit locally. I will never, ever, forget receiving the message that some of Cailean?s friends had heard about the event and were planning on traveling up to Boston very early that Saturday morning to join us in the walk.
? to Mariel, who organized the event (and received several awards for our group?s efforts), Matt, and Dexter for hosting the after walk barbeque, etc.
? to Brittany and Pam for their hospitality that weekend as well
? to those who joined us for the event ? Betsy, Charlie, Kristin, Kaitlin, Carissa, Tyler, Justin, Becca, Bernadette, Jen, Raquel, Pam, Christine, John B., and Cailean?s friends – Alex, Bobby, Travis, Cathy, Rebecca, Aileen, Brittany O., Kay, Richie, ?? and to those who wanted to be there but could not.
? to the eighth graders of Garrison School who dedicated their 2005 yearbook to me. As I told them, I believe Cailean would have been very proud.
? to those who have sent in, and continue to send in, donations for the Sharing Sheeran CD. Dr. Fallon is amazed at the legacy Cailean left and at the outpouring of kind thoughts and donations he has received from all.
? to Father Shane of St Mary?s Episcopal Church in the Highlands for somehow allowing a cross with Cailean?s name to be placed among all those for war veterans on the lawn of his church the week of Memorial Day. (I think our son would have laughed at the irony of this, but I have to also add that, in his own way, he fought valiantly but lost his battle in a terrible war against Neurological Lyme disease.) Also, thanks to Father Shane, for including Cailean in the November 6th Remembrance Service at St. Mary?s. When his picture was shown on a large screen during the service, at first I could only think of how beautiful he looked. (Yes, I will again mention how his art teacher once described him as the Gwyneth Paltrow of boys/men.)
? to Cathy, Alex, and Ryan who remembered Cailean and us when they attended a Dave Matthews concert on Randall?s Island. They spoke to Mike Doughty who was the opening act for the DMB. Cailean really appreciated Mike and his earlier band, Soul Coughing. Mike autographed several items for us. Coincidentally, he was a performer at the Austin City Limits Festival we attended in Austin in September. While I was not able to hear him sing, I did buy (and really enjoy) his CD in Cailean?s honor. (I did get a chance to see the Coldplay concert – I was touched by the singing of ?Yellow?, the song dedicated to our son at the April Heart and Soul Talent Show, and how much Cailean did look like Chris Martin).

A look ahead to the future – there will be another NAMI Walk up in Boston on May 6, 2006. There are also plans underway for a bicycle trip in the spring to raise money in Cailean?s honor for Neurological Lyme disease.

I think John, in ?My Austin Texas Buddy?, rather eloquently expressed what we continue to experience ? the sad task of having to live with only memories of our son. The trip to Texas was just full of remembrances – mine a bit different than his- picturing Cailean sitting on the deck of the Oasis, standing in front of The County Line next to a large cutout of John Wayne, having fun in the pool and hot tub at the hotel, enjoying the breakfast buffet, making numerous trips to the music and guitar stores, playing miniature golf, enjoying his king size bed ?.Memories of so many happier times are what we are left with now, although we have to believe that Cailean?s spirit is still with us and we will see him again – that is the only thing that is getting us through.

We just learned that a very good friend, John Moore, died suddenly in his sleep on November 17. We had just spent a wonderful family and business weekend with him up in Boston – in a way, it?s a bit consoling to know that he had such a good and happy last weekend. My last memory of him was at a cocktail reception at Clery?s ?he looked so happy and pleased with the event. John Moore had been to Austin a couple of times with John. My first experience with John Moore in Austin was this past March ? I can still remember our pedi-cab race back to our hotel and how he thrived on the music and culture of the city. Now, there are two Austin Texas Buddies up in heaven and I can only hope that they are comparing notes.

Thanks to you all for continuing to join us in honoring Cailean?s memory. Please plan on joining us in next May?s NAMI Walk and/or, hopefully, the bicycle ride.

Love to all, Maureen


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Thursday May 12 will mark the first anniversary of Cailean’s death. I wanted to share a few things concerning him that hopefully illustrate why he was such a special person.

Several years ago, Brittany used to rent an apartment in West Newton, Massachusetts. We stayed there overnight many times. The house was situated on a very unusual street near a public park and many if not all of the residents were Sicilian/ Italian immigrants. The street was suburban in setting but was more like something from Little Italy 75 years ago. There were chickens walking around on their own and every house seemingly had serious vegetable gardens in back. Everybody paid very close attention from their windows to any outsiders who came and went, including us. One time there was a large party in the backyard of Brittany’s house with many local friends and relatives as we got out of our car. Cailean had on his beloved Celtic jersey. We started walking to the stairwell up to the apartment. Several teenagers were there. Cailean walked over and gave a serious handshake/hello to the closest one with a big smile on his face. He said “hey, how’s it going.” Without introduction or provocation, he had made a new friend in Boston. He was probably 15 years old.

Over the last few years, many people have asked me whether I played an instrument or wrote songs because of my devotion to music. I often said that Cailean was my music maker given his talent and dedication to the guitar and songwriting. One of the many painful aspects of his passing is the unfinished business regarding his musical aspirations. I think he would have been a gifted songwriter because he seemed to have a natural way of devising his lyrics which was economical and devoid of pretense. I remember when he got his first guitar and the many lessons and his joy and public acclaim when he played 2 songs at his 8th grade graduation. Several years before the guitar, he got a small drumset. He played it endlessly, including one time when he even played a song on our dog Susie’s head. She seemed to like it. I remember another time when I had just bought 2 Beatle albums which had never been on cd before. Maureen and I were listening in the kitchen on my brand new stereo. Ringo was playing drums on a particular song but it was unlike my memories from the vinyl album many years before. At first I thought the stereo or the cd was broken or flawed. Then I found him in the tv room practicing on his drumkit and overshadowing my friend Ringo.
Later, Cailean would get several acoustic and electric guitars and a serious electric keyboard and a mandalin and harmonica. All are now silent. His room is filled with hundreds of his cds and his musical posters and numerous books about the guitar, etc. He was fortunate to have attended many many concerts both with and without his parents and sisters. He wrote dozens of songs and poems and recorded about 9 cds worth of material, some of which he compiled on his own cd which he hoped could be marketed to a record company. Two years ago, I told him that I was going to ask John Inmon if he would give Cailean a week of guitar lessons in Austin Texas. John is one of my heroes and was a member of the legendary Lost Gonzo Band which backed Jerry Jeff Walker and then later Ray Wylie Hubbard. John is a very sweet guy and a great guitarist to boot. Cailean thought I was kidding but I meant every word of my promise. After all, shouldn’t a Lost Gonzo be the one to give guitar lessons to a wonderful kid from New York whose middle name Walker was chosen in honor of Jerry Jeff ? Besides, John had lost his own son Kenny and I think he and Cailean would have been great together

I also remember a weekday morning when Cailean was about 8 or 9 years old. I was walking out to door to go to work. He ran up and excitedly said that he was going to the Dutchess County Fair and he needed $10. for the trip. I reached in my pockets for the money. He then said not to worry because if I didnt have a ten dollar bill- he would take a twenty- with the biggest smile possible. He didn’t know that I would have given everything I owned then or now to see that smile again. Thanks for blessing our lives Cailean Walker. love, Dad.

CD Cover

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This is the cd that everyone worked very hard to put together. We gave them out to anyone who made a donation to Neurological Lyme Disease. If you would like to get a copy of the cd too you can email me at

cd cover

Thanks to Alex, Charlie, Daniel, Ryan, and Woody who originated the idea of compiling a compact disc of Cailean?s original music and songs he loved. They worked very hard on selecting and recording just the right songs and title for the project; ?SHARING SHEERAN? is the terrific result. Listening to this CD will be a wonderful way to preserve and honor Cailean?s musical talent. Thanks, also, to Brittany and Mariel for their work on the cover layout/design.Cailean Walker Sheeran embraced life, family and friends until Neurological Lyme Disease shattered his spirit. All proceeds from donations received will be sent to Dr. Brian Fallon at the N.Y. Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia Medical Center to be used for research for the diagnosis and treatment of ?Neuro-Lyme?.
If you would like to read or write about our wonderful son and brother, please visit
Please refer to
for additional information/links on Neurological Lyme Disease

Spring, 2005

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The annual arrival of spring each year will be bittersweet for us. It normally is a glorious sign of rebirth: not this year. Last Tuesday morning, on my way to West Point, I noticed that Quicky and Quacky (two ducks that John named who come back to our pond in early spring each year) had returned once more. At the same time, I remembered a similar moment last year. Cailean and I were driving down to get a bacon and egg sandwich for him one morning before I went off to school. He was very honored to proclaim that Quicky and Quacky had come back once again. I was surprised to see how two sweet and silly ducks could make me cry so hard this year.

Easter was not a very big holiday for Cailean. However, he would always have a sly smile on his face when I would announce that I had to go Easter Bunny shopping. He appreciated the Peeps and new clothes he would receive. I continue to mentally pick out clothes he would like whenever I’m in the Gap etc.. He did like to dress well and was very particular about his outfits!

We just returned from a trip to Austin, Texas. It’s the place that John probably considers Heaven on Earth and a city Cailean experienced several times during his brief life. While there I found a poem that I felt was appropriate for us. It was written by artist/poet Brian Andreas. It was written for another boy who died far before his time:

“Landscape of the Heart”

“It is still so new & all we see is
the empty space,
but that is not how it is in
the landscape of the heart.
there is no empty space
& and he still laughs
& grapples
with ideas & plans
& nods wisely
with each of us
in turn.

We are proud to have known him.
We are proud to have called him friend.”

We are proud to have called him son, brother….

Happy Easter, Cailean. Love forever and ever..Mom

Always in our Hearts

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I awoke this morning, and as always, Cailean was the first thought of my day. Realizing that it was Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a fitting time to honor Cailean’s memory by sharing some of the sentiments friends have written about our son/brother. Here are some more kind and comforting words we have received:
– so many people here so earth loved him so much
– grateful for all the laughs and for him being such a sweet and talented person
– brightened so many peoples’ days
– such a wonderful person who always made people smile
– kept smiles on so many peoples’ faces
– Cailean’s memory will live on in everyone whose life he had touched
– will always have a special place in our hearts and will always remember how his earlobes turned beet red when called on in class
– an Eric Clapton in the making
– so lucky to have had him in our lives
– his sweet, genuine smile
– his wonderful guitar playing at Eighth Grade Graduation and how happy he was that night
– such a sweet, sweet boy
– cute, shy “Godzilla loving” pal
– an exceptional person
– a bright, funny, and talented member of the Garrison community-
– a special person whose music was exceptional
– what a talented musician
– always had a wave and a smile for us

Happy Valentine’s Day, Cailean. Love forever, Mom

Thoughts on My Son

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I have been meaning to express some further thoughts on Cailean as we near the year end and it?s holidays. It is hard to believe that he has been gone 7 months. And yet I wave to him everyday as I pass through the living room. I have discovered that everything in my life has been diminished by his absence, especially the good things. going to a nice restaurant is going without him; watching a movie is watching without him; going to Boston is going without him. The fact that he did not witness the Red Sox beat the Yankees or see the Pistons humiliate the Lakers with me is unthinkable. The idea of playing tennis without him simply does not exist.

About a week after his funeral, I was watching tv with Brittany when i changed the channel to a John Wayne movie called ?THE COWBOYS.? I had seen it a number of times and even liked it but I rarely discussed it or even thought of it because the Duke is sadistically killed by Bruce Dern which is contrary to the laws of nature, or at least my laws of nature. Anyway, we watched the dying scene where John Wayne revives himself just enough to declare to the young cowboys gathered around him ?every man wants to know that his son grows up to be a better person than his father was?..? I was very lucky to witness that moment because I realized that Cailean had achieved that goal for his father.

Yesterday it occurred to me that he and my father might meet in the ?afterlife”. I imagined them walking down a road in Ireland looking for the village where my father?s grandparents had been born. After Ireland, they would travel to Spicewood, Texas in order to visit Poodie?s Hilltop because my hero Billy Joe Shaver would be playing on New Year?s Eve. Billy Joe would invite Cailean on stage and he would be introduced to Eddy Shaver?s spirit. Together they would play guitar. Afterwards, Eddy invited my father and son to travel to Waco, Texas in order to visit the graves of his mother and Grandmother. Cailean would say yes but only if Eddy would agree to join them later as they traveled to Loch Sheldrake, N.Y. That is where his parents and his two sisters had spent their summers in the early 1980?s, unknowingly preparing for the arrival of their future son and brother, the person who would complete the family circle and in turn become the center of their universe: Cailean Walker Sheeran? the best ?BUDDY? there ever was. Thank you Cailean for blessing our lives. with love, John Sheeran. 12/15/2004

Thank You for Visting and Posting

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Its been six months now since Cailean passed away and the fact that we’ll never get to see his smiling face, listen to him jam on his guitar, or just have him there to goof off with sets in more and more each day. I am not a religious person at all, but I do believe that there are ‘angels’ on this Earth that you meet in everyday life. They always manage to put a smile on your face even in the darkest of times and it always feels good to be around them. Cailean always had that effect on me and still now just the thought of him makes my hardest days seem that much easier to take. I have so many memories and such affection for him that putting up this website seemed like something I had to do for myself to get through the loss of my brother and to make sure the memory of him is passed on. When it started, I thought the website would just be someplace I could go when I needed to remember Cailean, not really imagining that so many other s would come and visit. I am glad that so many of you have come to look at pictures and read about Cailean. Thank you to those that have posted their own thoughts and memories–every one has touched me and my entire family. I hope to reorganize the entire site some time in the near future and if anyone needs help posting please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


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We have received a number of letters which make us even prouder of our son. I thought we would share some kind words various people have written about Cailean.
The first letter is from a woman I have never met. It means a lot because it shows that Cailean was still able to be thoughtful to others even when he was in deep crisis – this event took place the beginning of this year.

Dear Mr. and Mrs Sheeran,

I had heard about the terrible tragedy that had occurred to your son. I had also heard that you lived not too far from us but I still did not recognize the family name. It wasn’t until I saw his photo in the local paper that I realized I knew this boy. My son, James (7), had spent a chunk of the summer last year at Cailean’s tennis camp. They must have gotten along pretty well but I learned this only later. James and I were down at the health club on the basketball court last winter. I spotted Cailean on the other half of the court shooting baskets with some big boys. I pointed him out to James and asked him whether he recognized the big boy. He trotted over to Cailean’s court and waited in the corner for the right moment to greet him. His stray ball happened to come James’ way a few moments later. James bounced it back to him and when Cailean recognized who had helped him, he called out my son’s name accompanied by the widest and warmest smile humanly possible. His reaction made my son ( and his mamma ) feel very good.

This is a small, and maybe silly, anecdote about how your son touched our lives, but I wanted to share it with you. Both my husband and I are very sorry to hear about your loss.


Cailean’s first guitar teacher wrote from a small town in France where he and his wife moved last year.

“……….The Cailean I knew was a keen musician who loved music in many forms, an industrious student who also managed a charming self deprecatory humor. He is remembered, here, in this isolated mountain village with great affection…… P.B. and P.M.

Young Concert Artists, Inc. recently sent us a copy of a letter that was submitted to them along with a generous donation from a man whom Cailean did not know. I know the family through Garrison School. This letter echoes several other statements that have been made concerning how well Cailean treated, not only his peers, but also those younger than him.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

“In the spring of 2004, a young man named Cailean Walker Sheeran who lived in Garrison, New York, and was a friend of my 16 year old son, died tragically and unexpectedly.

Garrison is a small community and most of the children of school age know one another pretty well. Cailean’s was the first death of a contemporary that most of them had encountered and the grief which ensued has been predictably devastating.

Although neither my wife nor I knew Cailean, we have learned from our son that he was a friendly, outgoing seventeen year old who was generous with the attention he gave to younger school mates, who could always be counted on to inject humor into any gathering and who was a very talented guitarist.

I don’t know what relationship Cailean Sheeran had with you organization but I understand that the Sheeran family has designated Young Concert Artists as a fitting recipient of memorial contributions in Cailean’s name. My wife, son, and I would like to join those who have chosen to remember Cailean in this way and hope that you will accept the enclosed check in that spirit….”


We have more and will add to these as time and emotions allow. – to be continued – Remember to remember Cailean with a smile. – Maureen


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As I work on the therapeutic task of writing
hundreds of thank you notes, I find that I am
increasingly saddened by the fact that I did not
deliver a loving eulogy to Cailean at his funeral. At
that point I was not capable of expressing my feelings
in words. I?m quite sure that our beloved son and
brother heard the beautiful sentiments written by his
sisters, the musical tribute offered by his father,
and the heart-warming stories delivered by friends.
He must have been touched by the outpouring of love
from all those in attendance.

It gives us some solace to know that our son and
brother celebrated his short life to its fullest
before being struck with Neurological Lyme disease. We
have so many photographs and memories of the gentle,
sweet, and funny Cailean we all knew and loved so

It is now time for me to communicate how valiantly
Cailean faced his horrendous illness. The last two
years of high school should be happy and hectic ones.
His peers experienced the normal joys and challenges
? dating, going to dances, proms and parties,
?hanging out? with friends, participating in sports,
driving, working, taking the SATS, conducting college
searches and making the final selection, and having
hopeful dreams for the future.

Sadly, that was not Cailean?s experience. He found
that he could not handle an academic setting and was
tutored at home as the disease took over his life. He
looked forward to going out with his friends, but
these events also became more and more stressful for
him as time progressed. He endured numerous doctor
visits, invasive procedures and taking many
medications, some with terrible side effects. Yet, he
rarely complained – even when a catheter line was
inserted into his arm and he had to have daily
intravenous infusions for over a month. Of course,
there were some very difficult and challenging days
that we faced as well. For the most part, though,
Cailean tolerated his condition and increasing
isolation. He had hopes of returning to school,
dating, driving, working, spending time with family
and friends, and eventually going off to college in

Alas, that was not to be. This posting has allowed me
to convey how noble Cailean was in the last months of
his life. It was an honor to be his mother and I will
always be so proud of how brave and wonderful he was.
They say that time heals. So far time has been
increasingly painful. Cailean is my first thought in
the morning, my last at night and most of the
countless moments in between. Family, friends and work
have helped distract us from our agony at times, but
our lives will always have a tremendous void without
our son and brother, so loved and treasured.

Love, Mom

Cailean’s Friends

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Cailean started Kindergarten the day after we moved to Garrison. So many of his friendships blossomed in those early years. Cailean used to share with Brittany and I all of the silly and crazy things he and his friends would get themselves into. He loved to make people laugh.
I’ve been coming across pictures of him and his friends that I had and I will be posting them here.

8th Grade Graduation

Cailean's Bday Party at Highlands
Cailean, Kayla, Johnny at Highlands

Mariel’s Eugoogaly

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For Cailean, On Behalf of Mariel

Last Night I laid down in bed, shut my eyes, and saw Cailean smile and I was finally able to breath again. Cailean’s smile was contagious and inspiring. He loved being with family and friends and everyone loved being around him.

He had an endless supply of talent. Cailean and I shared a love of nature and being outdoors. I taught him how to be a great frog catcher. He practiced and practiced and like the boys at the Manitoga Camp where I worked said– He was the Ultimate Catcher. Cailean would wake up early on his summer days to come to work with me. He was 11 and loved being a role model to all the boys there.

At the same age Cailean was enjoying another passion of his–tennis. Both of our parents passed on the love of this game to my brother, sister, and I. My dad would hit around with him and pass on his knowledge. Cailean took those lessons and ran with them. It wasn’t long before he was better than all of us and we were all trying to find a way to beat him.

Cailean’s passion for music encompassed his whole spirit. Growing up in a house of music, he learned to appreciate all of the different styles. He would go to Texas concerts with my parents and Dave Matthews with my sister and I. All of this music inspired him to be a great musician. The guitar, song-writing, and singing became his therapy in a world that presented a lot of challenges.

As Cailean got older and taller it became obvious he was going to excel at basketball. He would play with anyone, at any time and he always had the fire in his eyes that said, ?I am going to win.? He inherited the Celtic pride and he was a fighter.

Before Cailean was born, I always wanted a little sister because I didn’t know what a brother could be like. Over all the years, through all of the talent and knowledge he acquired I felt pride and joy that I only associate with one other person, my son. Cailean appreciated Dexter in a way that I never thought a teenage boy would be able to. It is now my purpose to teach Dexter about his amazing uncle and it is all of our jobs to remember Cailean Walker and help his spirit and passion for life and laughter to live on.

uncle kk

Brittany’s Eulogy

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Being 8 ? years older than Cailean, I am fortunate to remember all the good times and the highlights of his life that you see in these pictures surrounding us. I can clearly remember the day he was born, his first day of school, and his first formal dance to name a few. Early on, I played the role of big sister but thankfully in the past ten years I was able to become much more than that as we built a special camaraderie. My sister and I had a close group of friends which Cailean naturally grew to be a part of. If we were going to the movies, it was known that Cailean was going too. If we were hanging out until 4 in the morning, so was he. I have many fond memories of the weeks he spent visiting with my sister and I in Boston. I was able to take him to some great concerts which I know he enjoyed immensely. I always got a kick out of him as we would leave a concert and he?d say, ?I?d think that was the best show I have ever seen.? I?ve told some of my close friends that Cailean is my favorite person in the world and it is devastating to know that he is now gone. I last spoke to Cailean on Tuesday night and asked him if he missed me to which he responded ?Yeah, I miss you a lot?. Now I just want to let my bud know that I miss him a lot too. I not only miss him as my brother but also as one of my best friends.

Cailean’s Obituary Written By Our Family

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Cailean Walker Sheeran, student, talented musician, proud American and beloved family member, passed away on May 12, 2004. He is survived by his father John, mother Maureen, sisters Brittany and Mariel, nephew Dexter and dog Emma. He is further survived by his grandmothers Marie Miller and Jean Sheeran; aunts Claire Levin, Bernadette Miller, Carol Miller, Dolores Norton and Patricia Sheeran; uncles Dale Levin, Richard Miller and Peter Sheeran; cousins John Levin, Jennifer Miller, Pete Sheeran, Rebecca Stokes and Willem Van Bergen. He is preceded in death by his two grandfathers, Richard V. Miller and John D. Sheeran Sr. He also left behind many wonderful friends. Cailean would have been eighteen on June 20th and intended to graduate from James I. O?Neill High School in Highland Falls, NY and to continue his education in Boston, MA.

He was born in Manhattan and lived his early years in Jeffersonville, NY until he moved to Garrision, NY at the age of five. Through the years, Cailean adopted many nicknames including KK, Buddy, Cato and KayMan. Cailean had many interests including playing tennis and basketball and faithfully rooting for the Boston Celtics. His greatest pleasure and the interest that he took so much pride in, was his love of the guitar and song writing. He also enjoyed listening to music and attending concerts. Some of his favorite bands and artists included Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay and Mike Doughty of Soul Coughing.

If you wish you can make a donation in Cailean?s memory to one of the following:
1) Neurological Lyme Disease Research: please mail to:
NYS Psychiatric Institute
c/o Dr. Brian Fallon
1051 Riverside Drive Unit 69
New York, NY 10032.

The check should be made out to the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene. In the lower left hand corner of the check, please indicate that the proceeds should be used for Neurological Lyme Disease research

2)Young Concert Artists Inc., an organization dedicated to discovering and launching the careers of extraordinary young musicians. For more information, please visit

Cailean was a loving, caring person with a contagious, mischievous smile and quirky sense of humor who will be missed tremendously. We ask that everyone that knew Cailean remember him fondly and smile when they think of ?Our Buddy? ? a unique and thoughtful young man. He was the best.

Saint Isidore’s Mass for Cailean

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This past weekend Saint Isidore’s Church in Stow, MA held a mass to pray for Cailean. I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the Cornell’s for requesting the mass. It was a lovely service. I also want to thank the friends and family that attended; it meant a lot.

We also had a big birthday party for Dex’s 2nd birthday this weekend, as well as for my parents’ birthdays. Cailean’s presence was missed but I felt him in my heart and knew that he was close by.

18th Birthday

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Today is Cailean’s birthday. He would have been 18. I can still remember my Grandma Sheeran waking Brittany and me up so we could go to the hospital to see Cailean for the first time.


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Coming across this picture I was overwhelmingly reminded how amazing my brother was. The first time Cailean saw Dexter he had the biggest grin I’ve ever seen and he was gitty. This picture was taken a few hours later in my hospital room jam packed with people. At that moment Cailean was asked how he felt about me having the baby and he simply stated, ” I feel very proud.”