early years

May 23rd, 2004 Posted in Friends of the Family | 4 Comments »

He was very little when he came to me but some one who made a difference in my house. Tears would usually start our days but eventually end by the time mom and sisters had gotten to the van . I was Caileans babysitter and seeing his face on this website just brings back many memories. Right now I have so many memories that I just can’t sort them all out. KK was what Josh called him when he was with us as he couldn’t say Cailean. Josh and Cailean became fast buddies and would get together to gang up on me and the poor cat,Whisper. I can still hear Cailean giggle when Josh and him would hide on me. Too many memories to have to sort thru and I will in the future. I too have lots of pictures of Cailean and now will be going to find them. Time has a way of getting away from you and before you know it the babys are adults. The last time I saw Cailean he and his mom came to Jeffersonville and called on me. We met in Teds Restaurant and spent a litttle time trying to catch up. Cailean had just gotten a guitar for Christmas and according to mom “Cailean is actually pretty good” to which Cailean just turned red and put his head down as if to say “MOMMMMMMMM”!!!! He had grown so tall that he had to bend down to hug me and I had to get on my tip toes. I will always remember that!!!!! Cailean had left me as a little boy and now has returned to me as an adult. I will post more later as there are just too many emotions going on at present.