Brittany’s Eulogy

Jun 20th, 2004 Posted in Family Posted | Comments Off

Being 8 ? years older than Cailean, I am fortunate to remember all the good times and the highlights of his life that you see in these pictures surrounding us. I can clearly remember the day he was born, his first day of school, and his first formal dance to name a few. Early on, I played the role of big sister but thankfully in the past ten years I was able to become much more than that as we built a special camaraderie. My sister and I had a close group of friends which Cailean naturally grew to be a part of. If we were going to the movies, it was known that Cailean was going too. If we were hanging out until 4 in the morning, so was he. I have many fond memories of the weeks he spent visiting with my sister and I in Boston. I was able to take him to some great concerts which I know he enjoyed immensely. I always got a kick out of him as we would leave a concert and he?d say, ?I?d think that was the best show I have ever seen.? I?ve told some of my close friends that Cailean is my favorite person in the world and it is devastating to know that he is now gone. I last spoke to Cailean on Tuesday night and asked him if he missed me to which he responded ?Yeah, I miss you a lot?. Now I just want to let my bud know that I miss him a lot too. I not only miss him as my brother but also as one of my best friends.