November 2004

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This holiday season is upon us and it will be a most
difficult one. Halloween even proved to be quite
emotional; I recalled Cailean’s delight in picking
his costumes ( Do you remember Ghostbuster, the
Jeffersonville fireman, Larry Byrd, Dracula, and the
many forms of aliens/monsters? ) and his enjoyment of
Trick or Treating.

It is unfathomable to believe that we have been
without Cailean for over half a year. I have to
believe that he is watching over us and sending us
signs to comfort us. He is indeed a presence every
minute of every day.

During this Thanksgiving week we would like to take
this opportunity to express our appreciation for:

* family and friends who have reached out to
comfort us with words of comfort and support, prayers,
invitations, and efforts to make us smile. We thank Mariel
and Matt for creating this website as a forum to read
and write about Cailean.

* the memories we have of Cailean – his sly smile,
clever wit, musical talent and love of music, kindred
spirit, his love and quiet appreciation of family,
friends, and holiday traditions

* the legacy Cailean left behind. No matter who I
talk to there are common comments that people make
about our son and brother – that he was very kind,
friendly, talented and funny. I’m sure that he is very
pleased with this description. As his parent, I
couldn’t be prouder.

We cherish every moment we had with Cailean – he was a
special person who touched many with his love, charm,
and unique personality.

Thank You for Visting and Posting

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Its been six months now since Cailean passed away and the fact that we’ll never get to see his smiling face, listen to him jam on his guitar, or just have him there to goof off with sets in more and more each day. I am not a religious person at all, but I do believe that there are ‘angels’ on this Earth that you meet in everyday life. They always manage to put a smile on your face even in the darkest of times and it always feels good to be around them. Cailean always had that effect on me and still now just the thought of him makes my hardest days seem that much easier to take. I have so many memories and such affection for him that putting up this website seemed like something I had to do for myself to get through the loss of my brother and to make sure the memory of him is passed on. When it started, I thought the website would just be someplace I could go when I needed to remember Cailean, not really imagining that so many other s would come and visit. I am glad that so many of you have come to look at pictures and read about Cailean. Thank you to those that have posted their own thoughts and memories–every one has touched me and my entire family. I hope to reorganize the entire site some time in the near future and if anyone needs help posting please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.