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NAMI Walk 2007

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Thanks so much to everyone that participated in the NAMI walk this year, and of course to those that made donations. We had a devoted team of 25 members that were not deterred by all the rain. NAMI is a wonderful organization and I’m proud to walk in Cailean’s memory every year.

Dexter is getting smarter and smarter and recently he understood that Cailean died. Tonight, while I was giving him and Chase a bath, he said, “Mom, Chase never got to meet Cailean.” Its a concept that I am very aware of, but Dexter has promised me that he will help teach Chase all about his Uncle KK.


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It is hard to acknowledge the fact that Cailean has been gone from us for three years and the days just keep accumulating. Isn’t three years enough? Why does it have to be followed by three years and a month and then three years and two months, ever onward, ever worse. Since I became unemployed in November, I have not visited this site very often because I spend much more time at home, and even in his room sometimes, surrounded by his pictures and possessions and his profound absence. It is almost like I am in the website.

Anyway, we were very fortunate indeed to be given such a wonderful son and brother. He was so unique in many ways. almost a higher form of being, devoid of cynicism, eminently loyal and sincere and full of optimism and joy and laughter and beauty and music and talent and all things Boston Celtics. His parents were given title to a near perfect being and, quite simply and painfully, we want him back where he belongs as the center of our universe. Nothing else is acceptable. John/ Dad MAY 2007

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“And can it be that in a world so full and busy, the loss of one creature makes a void in any heart, so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of eternity can fill it up? These words were written by Charles Dickens many years ago; they are words that echo the feelings that we all share today.

Cailean did experience a boy’s life, much of it very happy as evidenced by our treasured memories and photographs. In one sense he did live a man’s life. Living with Neurological Lyme disease exposed him to horrendous experiences and procedures which eventually shattered his spirit. We can only imagine what he would have been as a man – still a much loved son, brother, relative, and friend and most probably a wonderful husband and father.

Thank you all for continuing to remember and honor Cailean Walker Sheeran – Maureen Sheeran