Uncle KK

Aug 23rd, 2005 Posted in Free Form | No Comments »

I’ve been working on family relationships with him so he knows that Cailean is my brother but we went over the fact that he is Dexter’s Uncle. That night I was folding Dexter’s laundry and trying to get him ready for bed. In the pile was the NAMI tshirt that we had given to everyone who participtated in the walk in May(including an extra small one for Dexter) He loves it and always gets excited when he sees it. “Oh wow mom, can I wear my Uncle KK shirt to bed? Remember when everyone where’s KK shirt and walked. That was great.”

Its a difficult thing to try and explain to a child, especially one that’s only 3 years old, where this person who was and remains to be part of their life has gone. I often find myself associating the littlest thing with Cailean and cherishing it so much. I guess Dexter has done the same thing with the NAMI walk t-shirt. Its nice to know that even though Cailean is gone, memories are being created to help Dexter remember his Uncle KK.