another Celtic season begins

Nov 5th, 2008 Posted in Free Form | Comments Off

well Cailean, it’s hard to believe that another nba season has just begun, and, further, you are not here to enjoy it with me. it seems like last june’s championship is still resounding in my brain. fortunately, i saw 4 games in boston during the playoffs with brittany, joe and pam, etal and the celts won each one. each game made me remember all the times that you and i drove up to boston to see a game, especially in 2002 when they almost made the finals. they were some of my favorite moments ever. i thought that you would appreciate the fact that brittany and i both dedicated last season and our title aspirations to you right after kevin garnett was acquired. the first thing i did after they won the championship was think of you, my all time basketball buddy. they did it for you buddy, they did it for you. love, dad. p.s. here’s to the next one Cailean!