Today marks Cailean Walker Sheeran’s twenty-second birthday. Unfortunately, for all of us, he will always be “Forever Young”. We can only imagine what his future would have been. As I noted in an earlier entry to this website, that although Cailean passed away at the young age of seventeen, he endured more pain in the last year of his life than anybody should ever have to. In a way that made him wise beyond his years. He absolutely tried to be the best son, brother, uncle, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend during this time.

We wish to thank all who came to Boston on May 31 to join us in Cailean’s honor in this year’s NAMI Walk. Almost forty – veterans and newcomers – attended. We also wish to extend our gratitude to those who could not attend but sent their best wishes and/or donations. We appreciate the effort that everyone makes to be present – most are from out of town and travel many hours. Such an outpouring touches all of our hearts and we have to believe that Cailean was also there.

Watching the Boston Celtics win the NBA championship this week was very bittersweet. Cailean would have been so happy that his team had finally won! The last time they had taken the title was just days before Cailean was born on June 20, 1986. We have to believe that Cailean is cheering now!

This would have been the year that Cailean graduated from college. We congratulate his friends who indeed made this milestone or are close to it in academics or in the service. The new Coldplay album came out this week. They were one of Cailean’s favorite groups and to this day I feel a special connection with them as well (Chris Martin has an uncanny resemblance to Cailean at times). I think of our son during the song “Vive La Vida” – for a while Cailean did rule the world!

Happy Birthday, Cailean. Love Forever and a Day, MOM

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