CD Cover

This is the cd that everyone worked very hard to put together. We gave them out to anyone who made a donation to Neurological Lyme Disease. If you would like to get a copy of the cd too you can email me at

cd cover

Thanks to Alex, Charlie, Daniel, Ryan, and Woody who originated the idea of compiling a compact disc of Cailean?s original music and songs he loved. They worked very hard on selecting and recording just the right songs and title for the project; ?SHARING SHEERAN? is the terrific result. Listening to this CD will be a wonderful way to preserve and honor Cailean?s musical talent. Thanks, also, to Brittany and Mariel for their work on the cover layout/design.Cailean Walker Sheeran embraced life, family and friends until Neurological Lyme Disease shattered his spirit. All proceeds from donations received will be sent to Dr. Brian Fallon at the N.Y. Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia Medical Center to be used for research for the diagnosis and treatment of ?Neuro-Lyme?.
If you would like to read or write about our wonderful son and brother, please visit
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