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Rebecca Ganswindt:

cailean i think of you everyday. there hasn’t been a day since your passing that i haven’t thought about you and missed you. we had a lot of fun times. like homecoming dance our sophmore year. you got me the prettiest flower-i still have it. whenever we went out on the dance floor i couldn’t help myself from laughing. you kept stepping on my shoes! i enjoyed every minute of it. i remember you wore this navy blue tie with stars. it was such a nice tie and i remember you losing it at the end of the night. haha, you didn’t really seem to care though. that’s one of the things i always liked about you cailean. you were always so care free and happy. i saved many of our late night conversations on-line. they were hilarious. you were so easy and fun to talk to. i looked forward to those conversations. now i miss not having you there to talk to each night. since you have been gone we all feel as though something is missing and that something is you. i always had fun whenever i was with the times we went shopping, the sporting events and the parties. i only wish you were still with us now to experience those day to day activities.

October 18th, 2004 at 10:05 pm

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