Deepest Appreciation


The following article was written to be published in our local newspapers. Needless to say, it also extends to family and friends, near and far, who have also offered us so much love and support at this tragic time.

The family of Cailean Walker Sheeran would like to
extend our deepest appreciation to all of our friends
in the Cold Spring, Garrison, Highland Falls and West
Point communities for reaching out to us in our time
of need. Your comforting thoughts, prayers, beautiful
flowers, generous charitable and food donations, as well as,
your unending help and support will always be remembered.

Thanks, also, to the following organizations and
businesses that came to our assistance for the reception
which followed Cailean?s memorial service: Foodtown, Garrison
Fish and Game Club, Garrison Teachers? Association, and
The Main Course.

In addition, we wish to express our admiration for the
dignity and compassion of the investigating officers,
detectives, medical personnel, and the Clinton Funeral Home
at the time of our tragedy.

Appreciation is also extended to James I. O?Neill High School
for the specialized educational services they provided to
Cailean the last year. Showcasing his musical talent at the
recent Talent Show was also very meaningful to our family.

Father Shane of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church was truly
an angel sent to guide and offer us the wisdom that we
needed to hear. His words and suggestions touched us all.

Cailean was an unique young man with a gentle soul who
celebrated life to its fullest until his spirit was impaired
by Neurological Lyme disease. He left us far too early at
the age of seventeen. To paraphrase one of his friends, ?Let?s hope
that he is in the most crowded area of Heaven where he would be
able to entertain the most people with his enjoyable sense of fun
and humor, as well as his talent on the guitar.? Please remember
him for the wonderful person that he was.

Please refer to
to read more about Cailean, to add comments, stories
or pictures, and/or to find information on donating to
Neurological Lyme disease research or Young Concert Artists Inc.

John and Maureen Sheeran

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Sarah Conboy:

Mariel, I want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. Sadly, I can understand what your brother went through. I have had chronic neuro lyme for 16 years now. They didn’t catch it until I was 16. (i am 24 now) From what i’ve heard about your brother we have gone through the same things with the antibiotics and even the same doctors. I’ve been in a few of doctor fallon’s studies so far. I’ve even mentally been where your brother was. Back when I was 18, i put myself in the same situation. I think you and I actually went to school in Garrison together. I think you were a year older than me. The more I look around garrison, the more lymies I find with the same history. If you ever want to talk, feel free to e-mail me ( because I’m sure we have some stories to share. Again, my heart goes out to you and your whole family. From one lyme family to another, we know how frustrating this can all be on so many different levels.

June 5th, 2004 at 4:15 pm

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